Water Quality Status of Gulf Of Kachchh

        Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project(ICZMP) is a world bank funded Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India(GoI) project which is implemented in the states of Gujarat, Orissa and West Bengal in its pilot phase. Gujarat Ecology Commission(GEC) is the State Project Management Unit for the state of Gujarat, coordinating the activities of the 6 project Executing Agencies, viz. Gujarat Ecological and Educational Research Foundation(GEER), Gujarat Pollution Control Board(GPCB), Marine National Park and Sanctuary(MNP), Jamnagar Municipal Corporation(JMC), Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Application and Geo-information(BISAG).
       In Gujarat, Gulf of Kachchh is taken as a project location for implementation of the ICZM Project. It is a five year project and it aims to provide the long term and sustainable use of coastal natural resources for perpetual maintenance of the coastal environment. Promoting fair, orderly and sustainable use and development of coastal resources, encouraging public involvement in coastal resource management and planning, facilitating sharing of responsibilities between the stakeholders in society for coastal and marine resource planning and management are some of the other important objectives of the project.
The ICZM Project consists of majorly four components namely,
1) Coastal Resource Conservation and Management,
2) Coastal Environmental Monitoring and Conservation,
3) Socioeconomic Development of Communities,
4) Integration of Geospatial Information in Coastal Zone Management.

In context to online monitor the water quality health status of Gulf Of Kachchh and need to document and adequate dissemination of information for use of data by various stakeholders, online Decision Support Software (DSS) that is "Water Quality Status of Gulf Of Kachchh" which is online data sharing platform to monitor pollution status of GoK is established.